1. Technology demonstration on bioinputs production
  • Establishment of composting unit
  • Establishment of mass multiplication of microbials
  • Demonstration for farmers’ beneficiaries and stakeholders like NGO, SHG, KVK scientists, state govt. officials

2. Technology demonstration on BIPM practices
  • BIPM for tomato
  • BIPM for turmeric
  • BIPM for potato
  • BIPM for maize

3. Fellowship Programme
  • To act as bridge between CPGSAS, CAU (Imphal), Umiam, Meghalaya; TRA (Nagrakata) and ICAR NBAIR, Bengaluru with technological demonstration
  • To create awareness among the farmers about the importance of organic cultivation practices.
  • To monitor the farm operations during entire demonstration programme in the farmers’ field.
  • To encourage farmers beneficiaries to acquire knowledge on best organic practices and adopt the practices for good crop.
  • To act as guide for the local departmental staffs and nearby farming community for showcasing of bioinput technology.
  • To help the project team by accompanying during field visit and visit to the demonstration unit.
  • To help in gathering farmers for meeting, field day etc. and maintain report.
  • To document observation and operation related to technological demonstration in farmers’ field and to perform other duty as per the guidance of Hub facilitator and project team