Objective 1: Imparting training to farmers of Meghalaya and Sikkim to spread knowledge and skill enhancement on value-added microbial biopesticides like UmTricho, UmBir, UmMet etc. and macrobials (Trichogrammatids, Chrysopids, Anthocorids, Chelonus blackburni, Predatory mites) for sustainable agriculture.

Objective 2: Demonstration on development of low-cost biopesticides of effective and proven Trichoderma harzianum, Beauveria bassiana, Metarhizium anisopliae based technologies like UmTricho, Puth-Tricho, UmBir, BKN114, UmMet, respectively and mass rearing of macrobials like Trichogrammatids, Chrysopids, Anthocorids, Chelonus blackburni, Predatory mites among farmers and their validation in field.

Objective 3: Promote rapid production of on-farm native biocontrol agents (microbials and macrobials), their ex-situ conservation by setting up biocontrol units and scaling up the well-proven and useful technologies.

Objectives of the project