As per the directions from the Honorable Prime Minister and NITI Aayog, Minister of Development of North East Region (MDoNER) has compiled a list of 40 blocks / villages of the NE states for running pilot projects to achieve focused development for its residents. Accordingly, DBT-CPGSAS-Biotech-Kisan hub selected four villages from two NR states viz., Meghalaya and Sikkim, The selected area are, 1) District: West Khasi Hills, Block: Mawshynrut, Village: Langdongdai, State: Meghalaya 2) District: South Garo Hills , Block: Chokpot, Village: Jetra, State: Meghalaya and 3) District: South Garo Hills, Block: Rongara, Village: Maheshkola, State: Meghalaya and 4) District: West Sikkim, Block: Baiguney, Village: Mabong and District: West Sikkim, Taluka: Gayzing, Village: Karjee, State: Sikkim